The quick change system that significantly
reduces the risk of cross contamination

Key Features:

Forces your staff to make the right decisions with regard to cutting
board safety.

This smart, one-sided design eliminates the unsafe practice of "flipping" the cutting board.

The rigid slip-resistant base eliminates the need for unsanitary towels and mats under the cutting board.

The patented gutter surrounding the work surface helps collect cross contaminating liquids.

The new engineered plastic material is more stain, cut and heat resistant than traditional cutting boards. Lasts twice as long as traditional style cutting boards.

Stackable with an air gap for proper drying after washing - eliminates the need for cumbersome drying racks.


The KLEEN BOARDS system can be used with the universal six color coded system or simply use with all white or clear boards. Either way, you can greatly reduce your risk of cross contamination during food preparation with our patented design. Other uses include: carving stations, bread cutting stations, and on line stations by replacing the costly cold unit boards.