Designed by a chef for chefs.

Being in the food service industry for over 32 years has given me a lot of insight into the challenging responsibilities of food safety in commercial kitchens. I quickly discovered that one of the most important kitchen tasks was maintaining and educating my staff on food safety. Following HACCP regulation’s is a full time job in itself. I have always tried to create systems in the HACCP program to help eliminate as many possible critical control points that I could to improve food safety.

One of these control points was definitely cutting boards. It is a difficult area to improve because nothing ever really changed in the industry with respect to cutting boards. The standard white plastic cutting board would be stained and grooved in the first week of use and while the color coded boards helped with cross contamination, getting staff to follow the color coding system was not easy.

Rubber mats for under the boards came along, which was definitely better than using towels, but still didn’t prevent cross contamination. I even found that cutting boards with pads weren’t sufficient. They eliminate the need for mats or towels underneath, but all work surfaces are not level which create a potential slip hazard that can lead to serious injury, so they still required the use of a rubber mat underneath it in some applications.

After years of trying to figure out how we could work safer, cleaner and more efficient in the fast pace of a commercial kitchen, I left the food service industry on a quest to develop a new business dedicated to creating a cleaner, safer way to maintain cutting boards.

After 5 years of tinkering in my wood shop, buying things off the shelf, creating prototypes, researching and educating myself in the crazy world of plastic, KLEEN BOARDS was born! I believe that once you try our cutting board system for one week you will agree that there is no other cutting board on the market that is cleaner, safer and easier to use than KLEEN BOARDS. We simply made the smartest cutting board in the world and I believe it will soon become the new standard in food preparation across the country.

Chef Rich Willen, Inventor